About the brand

Our story

Ltd. “Poultry farm” Volochisk “was founded in 2006. In 2008, the one-time landing of chicks was 250 thousand heads, in 2010-350 thousand heads, and in 2019 already to 600 thousand heads of one-time landings for growing 3 million heads of birds per year. In 2018, the enterprise produced more than 6 thousand tons of high-quality chicken.

In the summer of 2019, two new bird breeding grounds are being put into operation, which are equipped with modern equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers BIG DUTCHMAN, GEORGIA POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY, GROWER SELECT.

about the poultry farm

Ltd. “Poultry farm” Volochyska “adheres to the strict principles of cultivation of useful chicken meat. Only natural balanced feed is used, which includes a complex of vitamins, trace elements and other useful components for healthy bird growth, no growth enhancers and artificial impurities. Forage for chickens is made from raw material grown on its own lands LLC “Agrofirma” Podilsky Grain Company “.

Cultivation of agricultural products

Agrofirma “Podilsky Grain Company” LLC was founded in 2006. The main production activity is the cultivation of grain, leguminous and oilseeds for the needs of the Agricultural Group Industrial Group “VOLOCYCKA KURA” and the export of products. Every year, the economy increases production. Today the land bank makes 5000h own land.

In 2019, the construction of a soybean processing plant on soybean and soybean oil shale for its own needs and the sale of products for export was started.